Cad-Man, although solidly in the 21st century, has its foundations in the history of the Hatton Garden area and the fine bespoke jewellery skills of its past.

Our MD first stared working in the area over forty years ago as an apprentice mounter when the trade extended as far as St Pauls – where the Goldsmiths Company is still based – and workshops going down to The Angel, Islington and in London’s West End. All around were the allied trades: silversmiths, glass workers, watch and clock makers amongst others.

Today the company is located in the Goldsmiths Centre in the heart of Clerkenwell. The award winning building was established by The Goldsmiths Company to create a skilled workforce and to promote craftsmanship in the UK.

At Cadman we seamlessly blend the past with the present and look on the future to preserve our skills and to pass them on to others in the time honoured fashion of the jewellery trade.



We are members of the National Association of Jewellers and have a strong moral compass in line with the business ethics of the Responsible Jewellery Federation. We are cautious with our supply lines and all diamonds must be in compliance with the UN resolution governing conflict free stones.

All our waste is recycled and correctly disposed of under the government guidelines for the minimising of environmental impact.

It is our duty to assist in the education of young people looking to enter the industry and offer work experience to suitable candidates.

We are an equal opportunity employer and encourage a safe and progressive working environment

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At Cad Man we are prepared to undertake difficult tasks and challenges so we believe that we can take this through to our chosen charity which is the Freedom Charity who tackles the eradication of FGM.